Skin Whitening Treatment


Best Skin Whitening Treatment in Hyderabad

Best Skin Whitening Treatment in Hyderabad

Are you unhappy with your skin tone and looking for a fairness solution?

Do you need a fair glowto highlight your beauty?

Do you need a good skin texture with good complexion?

A glowing skin accentuated with a whitish complexion radiates beauty and charm! If any of the above problems are your concerns, then you should opt for the skin whitening treatment.You need to do some research when choosing a clinic or dermatologist for skin whitening treatment. Always choose a good cosmetic center and an expert dermatologist who will assist you to get the desired treatment.

At the Aesthetic Center, we offer modified skin whitening treatment in Hyderabad, for the people who are unhappy with their skin. These treatments improve skin complexion and texture. A fair skin tone is almost everyone’s wish. But it is no more a dream now as it's proven by cosmetic dermatologists.


Skin Whitening Treatment

The skin whitening treatment is a dermatological method of enhancing the skin complexion via a safe chemical agent. Glutathione molecule is the key agent for improving skin tone. It helps inhibit the secretion of the enzyme that leads to melanin production in the body. The skin whitening treatment makes your skin fair, brighter, glowing with better skin texture.

The main component, Glutathione enhances your skin color has more potential of antioxidant effects that boosts immunity and cleanses the liver as well. Glutathione also reverses the aging signs. And recovers suntan, and other skin problems caused due to the polluted environment.

How does Skin Lightening Treatment Work?

The principle of skin whitening treatment works on the grounds of the selected method.

Either it would be
  cream,    serum,    chemical,    laser,    oral medication.

Using the prescribed method by an expert dermatologist helps reduce the melanin composition or control the rejuvenation outcomes in making your skin fairer.

What is the cost of skin whitening treatment in Hyderabad?

The overall cost of skin whitening also depends on various factors including:

  •   Dermatologist’s Fee
  •   Medicines prescribed for the treatment
  •   Technology used
  •   Center facilities
  •   Post-treatment follow-ups

Why Dr. Firdous Ibrahim for Skin Whitening Treatment?

  •   Dr. Firdous Ibrahim is a well-known and experienced cosmetologist in Hyderabad whose treatments have satisfied many patients.
  •   Aesthetic Cosmetology Centre has made remarkable excellence by offering the latest services with her extraordinary effort being a cosmetic dermatologist and an experienced skin specialist in Secunderabad.
  •   Dr. Firdous is well-seasoned in cosmetic dermatology and upgrading her skills. And keeps herself up-to-date of the latest advancements in offering skin whitening treatment in Hyderabad.
  •   She gives special attention to the consultation process. As it is a very personalized way that needs acknowledgment of each patient.
  •   Dr. Firdous will instruct you on how to prepare for treatment to get the best results. The instructions include guidelines on eating, drinking, and taking specific vitamins and medications.

Skin whitening Treatment in Hyderabad at Aesthetic Visions:

  •   At the Aesthetic Centre, we have efficient facilities and the standard protocol to control the risk and complications associated with the treatment. Our center is equipped with modern facilities, cutting-edge technology to perform the treatment or procedure.
  •   We have a qualified and well-trained staff support system to follow up with the patients after the procedure.
  •   You will receive quicker healing as we monitor progress and prescribe required medications to control swelling, bruising, and infections followed by post-op guidelines.
  •   You will experience homely feeling at our center and the full cooperation of our nursing and support staff.
  •   We fully adhere to the recommended hygiene protocols including sterilization,disinfection, and other necessary procedure ensuring the minimum risk of infection.

Who is the Right candidate for Skin Whitening Treatment?

Right candidate for Skin Whitening Treatment

  •   People who have skin pigmentation or dark patches.
  •   People with sunspots, stretch marks, or aging spots.
  •   People with multiple scars such as acne and scar or other kinds of scars.
  •   People who have dark or sunburned skin.

Which areas of the body are also treated with Skin Whitening Treatment?

Skin whitening treatment is a method to deal with conditions like freckles, acne scars, age spots, acne. And to improve the skin complexion for those who wish to have fair skin. Moreover, this treatment is also performed on other body parts where you want to improve the skin color. But it is especially done on the face, neck, back, arm, and legs.

Face Face
Neck & back Neck & back
hands Hands
legs Legs

What are the Advantages of Skin Whitening Treatment?

  •   Helps in improving your skin complexion
  •   Decreases melanin production by inhibiting them
  •   Encourages the color and texture of your skin
  •   Brightens the skin and reduces the signs of aging
  •   Rejuvenates your skin

Risks or Side-effects of Skin Whitening Treatment

You need to make sure that the cosmetologist is usingquality care with products as well as modern technology for performing the skin lightening treatment. This is extremely essential as the use of products could be or contain in small amounts resulting in several side effects.

Skin whitening treatments require plenty of pre-treatment preparation, safety measures. The possible risks can be seen if you receive the treatment at a salon or with a novice consultant. It is always suggested to undertake the skin whitening treatment from an expert cosmetic dermatologist.

Before going ahead for a Skin Whitening Treatment

  •   Choose an experienced board-certified cosmetologist
  •   Ensure the use of products