Body Contouring


Body Contouring Treatment in Hyderabad

Body Contouring Treatment in Hyderabad

Do you have stubborn regions of fat or that are no more responding to diet and exercise?It is no longer to sweat out in gyms, run across, try various diets, and avoid the desserts to get rid of your extra kilos.

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Let’s know about,

Body Contouring Treatment

Body contouring treatment is a procedure that alters the shape of the body by eliminating the fat and skin. Loss of a significant amount of weight due to weight loss surgery or lifestylechanges may cause the skin often lack the elasticity to conform to the decreased body size.

Body contouring follows the significant weight loss by removing the sagging skin and fat.Italso improves the shape of the underlying tissues. It results in a better-proportioned appearance with smoother contours.

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How is Body Contouring Performed?

The following techniques are part of this treatment,

  •   Ultrasonic lipolysis
  •   Radiofrequency tightening
  •   Fat freezing lasers
  •   Laser liposuction

  • Ultrasonic lipolysis is becoming more popular due to its safety, painless technique, and good outcomes.
  • The fat, once detected, is tackled with ultrasound frequencies. The excess fat is decreased by the body’s natural drainage systems like the liver and the kidneys.
  • It is accompanied by a radiofrequency tightening technique. It is unipolar and bipolar to tighten up the loose skin resulting after the fat loss.
  • The collagen fibres beneath the skin are heated, making them contract. This contraction will cause tightening of the subcutaneous tissue and remodelling. It reduces dimples and wrinkles and smoothens the body contour.
  • The number of body contouring sessions depends on the size of the area that needs treatment. An individual may require 8 to 15 sessions.These have to be coupled with a regulated diet and exercise tomaintain the results.
Radio Frequency
Radiofrequency Body Contouring
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Fat Freezing
Fat Freezing
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Laser Liposuction
Laser Liposuction
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When there is a need for body contouring?

  1. Removal of excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, jawline, etc.
  2. Reduction, particularly in the lower body
  3. Post liposuction/bariatric surgery skin tightening and reshaping
  4. Post-pregnancy skin drooping and fat reduction

Benefits of body contouring

  1. Benefits of body contouring
    Your doctor can perform more than one body contouring procedure at the same time, depending upon the degree of correction to be made. It is often helpful for individuals who have lost a lot of weight since these people typically have excess skin in several areas.

  2. Significantly improved comfort
    Without excess skin, the body seems firmer as well as feels better. Even simple exercises like walking and skipping become more comfortable and pain-free. One cannot experience any pull, no excess weight or interference, after specific body contouring procedures.

  3. Improves contour of stubborn areas
    Expensive lotions and wraps can temporarily reduce excess skin. But nothing can provide the results of body contouring procedures. An arm lift can contour the stubborn areas like beneath the upper arms and the lower abdomen.

  4. Safe techniques
    Body contouring procedures have been performed for decades, and the techniques are continually improving. There are risks associated with any process but choosing aboard-certified, and experienced cosmetologist's like Dr Firdous Ibrahim lowers the chances significantly. Dr Firdous will review all prospects to help you determine if body contouring procedures will be right for you.

  5. Results are long-lasting and superior to many other options
    The results of body contouring procedures are permanent and provide superior results. Body contouring procedures can reduce several inches of skin and provide more dramatic results.

What happens after the treatment?

  1. The skin may look reddish. There is almost an instant loss of two to threecentimetres and feeling of tightening of the skin.
  2. The doctor will advise drinking lots of water to wash out the dissolved fat from the body.
  3. You can resume exercising the next day.
  4. Rarely any side effects are noticed with this procedure.