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Who does not want prominent and attractive lips?
After all, your lips shape and volume play a significant role in the enhancement of your beauty. That is the reason you always tried different shades of lip colors to get a fuller look. Well, you can permanently have more lusty lips with the help of lip augmentation.

We at Aesthetic visions cosmetic center are providing you the best lip augmentation treatment in Hyderabad. Our chief, Dr. Firdous Ibrahim, is a well-known aesthetic physician with international cosmetology certificates. She is having an experience of more than 14 years in cosmetology.
Among all our treatments, lip augmentation is highly appreciated by our clients. We have completed numerous lip augmentation treatments with 100 percent success. All our treatments are as per.
We aim to enhance your aesthetic image along with your safety and utmost satisfaction. Visit us to avail of the best aesthetic treatment.


Lip Augmentation 1

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a procedure that restores your beauty of the face by enlargement of your lips in an aesthetic manner. It helps to improve the appearance of your lips through cosmetic surgery or techniques. There are two types of lip augmentation treatments available. They are lip implants and using filler.

Dermal Filler

The procedure of Lip Augmentation:

Well, the method of lip augmentation will be different in Implant and filler treatment.

The steps for implant treatment are as follows-

The steps for filler treatment-

candidate for lip augmentation

Who is the right candidate for lip augmentation?

Anybody can be a right candidate for lip augmentation if he or she complies with any of the following conditions-

What should you expect after the procedure?

Once the lip augmentation treatment is performed, you can experience the following things-

In certain severe cases, you may experience the following things also-

In all these cases, you should contact the doctor immediately. It will take just a few days to get recovery from all these effects.

lip augmentatio results

What are the results of lip augmentation treatment?

We at Aesthetic Visions cosmetic clinic always work for the betterment of your overall aesthetic image. After competing for the lip augmentation treatment, you will experience the followings-



  How long does it take to complete the treatment?

The treatment is not so time-consuming. It will take near about one hour to complete the filler treatment. Simultaneously, the implant treatment consumes a bit more because the implant treatment is a surgical procedure.

  Do lip injections hurt?

The treatment is least painful. You may feel a little bit of pinch when the injections we will give the injections. But, the application of and will reduce your irritation.

  What is the average cost of lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation ranges from Rs. 80000 to Rs. 100000 on an average. To know more, contact us right now.

  What preventive measure you should take just after the treatment?

Do not involve in any activity that can increase the blood flow in your face. Avoid exercise, facial massage, headstand. These may increase the tendency of swelling.