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We value your privacy tremendously. The information provided below will explain in detail all aspects of your privacy in relation to our website. If you disagree with any of the points listed below, we request that you refrain from using our website in the future. By accessing our website, you also warranty that you have read, understood, and agree to all of our terms and conditions. You also agree that the privacy policy and terms of service may change from time to time and that it is your responsibility to review them and agree to any future changes that may occur to both.
Aesthetic Visions would use the personally identifiable information gathered to provide information about our specialized services, new updates, and developments. Aesthetic Visions would never sell its users' email addresses or other vital information to a third party or untrustworthy sources. We assure our users that we do not, and will never, deal in or sell personal customer information to any third party. We would never disclose personal information to a third party unless required by law. We may also use it in a general sense, without any specific reference to the name or personal information gathered, to generate marketing statistics, identify user demands and requirements, and assist the same in meeting customer needs on a broad scale. In addition, we may use the information provided by users to improve the overall website and services provided by us, and not for any other purpose.
However, because the Internet is inherently open, we cannot guarantee that communications between you and us, or information stored on the site or our servers, will be completely free of unauthorised access by third parties such as hackers, and your use of the site indicates your acceptance of this risk. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, our website's practises, or your interactions with us, please email us at