All you need to know about laser hair removal

All you need to know about laser hair removal

Posted on November 12, 2010 at 12:00 PM

laser hair removal

Are you suffering from unwanted hair?

Are you looking for the safest and long-term hair removal treatment?

Well, laser hair removal is the best solution to your problem. It will give you the result which you are looking for a long time.

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The good thing about hair removal with lasers is the long-term solution. It is not like waxing or shaving. You are removing the hair from its root. So, it does not come back again.

Many people think laser hair removal treatment is a permanent treatment. However, that is a myth, and hence it is now called laser hair reduction. After six to eight sessions of therapy, we can see about 65 to 90 per cent reduction of hair. After that, just a few maintenance sessions you will need.

A lot of people must be thinking that if laser hair removal is not permanent, then why do you need it?

Well, when you use other methods of removal of hair like waxing threading or bleaching, then the hair regrows more quickly. Even the regrown hair will have a similar thickness.

However, when we perform laser hair reduction, there is a significant delay in the growth of hair. The terminal hair turns into Bella's hair, or the thick hair turns into baby hair.

Every single hair follicle undergoes a hair cycle which consists of three phases-

  • The anagen phase of the growing hair
  • The catagen phase of the ever-increasing hair
  • The telogen phase denotes the resting phase and the shedding phase.

Every single hair follicle at a given point of time undergoes at a different phase of the hair cycle.

The laser hair energy focuses only on the hair follicles in the anagen phase. Hence, we require multiple sessions of laser hair treatment to target hair follicles.

In original fields, there are various lasers available in the market for laser hair reduction. However, the gold standard technology in India has painless lasers available. Nowadays, IPL, which is not a laser, is an intense pulse light machine that helps in hair removal. We do not recommend this treatment for hair removal as it does not give very satisfactory results.

The laser hair removal treatment uses highly concentrated light energy. The focused beam is targeted on the hair follicle. The hair follicles, which consists of the melanin pigment or the dark pigment, absorbs the light energy and destroys the follicles.

That is why this technology does not work on grey hair because they do not contain melanin pigment. The Laser hair reduction treatment depends upon the skin type and the thickness of your hair. If you just got a laser treatment done and later your skin gets banned do tell your doctor so that they can adjust the energy.

Usually, a person requires six to eight sessions for laser hair reduction. If the hair is further found on your face, you may need eight to ten sessions of laser hair reduction. If you're suffering from a hormonal problem or PCOD also ten to fifteen sessions may be required.

Before and after the procedures

  • It is better to have yourself assessed for hormonal imbalance. Any treatment is going to be resistant when you have an underline hormonal imbalance.
  • Before you go for this treatment, do not undergo any facials or application of any chemical products.
  • At least try to cleanse your face and moisturize regularly at least start a week before the procedure.
  • It is better not to shave or wax or any hair removal methods at least 15 days before the procedure.

All of these will enable the doctor to assess your hair texture. After that, we will adjust a parameter accordingly.

So, your doctor will advise you about the after the procedure-

  • Use a lot of sunscreen and moisturizers in the treated area.
  • It will irritate in that particular area if you move immediately to sun exposure.
  • It is better to avoid heat and sun because it can cause a lot of changes.

Now coming to the side effects of the procedure-

The side effects can are of two categories,

  • The kind of impact which you will see soon after the procedure
  • Some long-term effects

So, immediately after the procedure, you might notice some redness or some small bumps, some irritation or light itching. These are the side effects of the heat energy which we give at the particular area. So, these are temporary, and they generally resolve within a couple of days.

Applying moisturizers will enable faster healing in this area. So, these are very minimal and does not happen in everybody, and these are reversible also. There are specific effects which will reoccur if proper care is not maintained. You might notice small blisters at that area. It might get infected if we do not cover it adequately.