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Pigmentation Treatment What is derma roller therapy? Did you ever thought of treating your skin in such a way to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and other signs of aging, in order to completely remove all these signs of aging aesthetic cosmetology center has come up with derma roller therapy.

Derma roller therapy is commonly known as skin roller, skin needling, and micro needling and collagen induction therapy. This derma roller therapy is considered safe for most of the people who are in overall good health.

The major purpose of this derma roller therapy is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for firmer, smoother and brightly toned glowing skin, experts from aesthetic cosmetology center, treat your skin with extra care and this derma roller therapy is done under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon for best results.

You can experience the ideal results after attending multiple sessions, some of the other specialized treatments from aesthetic cosmetology center include derma roller treatment for face, derma roller for scars, derma roller for skin and derma roller for stretch marks.

After taking derma roller for face your skin will appear fairer than ever, you cannot see the usual fine lines on your skin and stretch marks will disappear completely, where acne scars and other scars on your face will get rid of permanently.

This derma roller therapy is conducted under the super vision of cosmetology surgeons with care and you can the visible results on your skin. You will not look like the older you, but can feel younger and brighter than ever.

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